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The college of education was established pursuant to the Amiri Decree of May 1980, in response to a long standing need for a national work-force in the field of education.
The college is mandated to prepare qualified teaching cadres, and has remained committed to its mission and sphere of operations with a proactive response to national demand for education, and optimization of the teaching workforce. The college is located at Keifan Campus, and is organized into several academic departments, technical centers and specialized units. The major departments include curricula and teaching methods, educational psychology, educational foundations, educational administration& planning...In addition, there are two technical centers concerning educational technology, and student teaching center, while its specialized units include the psychological counseling unit and the academic and accreditation unit.

The college offers programs at three levels, undergraduate level, post-graduate diploma and graduate studies. Its undergraduate programs include courses for: preparing kindergarten, primary, intermediate and secondary stage teachers in various areas and subjects. The college offers postgraduate diploma in education and psychological counseling while graduate programs present Master’s in four majors: curricula &teaching methods, education al foundation, educational administration and school psychological counseling. The college provides counseling services, guidance, and services to various sectors of the country, and maintains effective partnerships with other institutions to prepare quality and competitive teachers in addition to fostering highly organized policies and procedures for research and development.

The college maintains a close cooperation with the Ministry of Education to ensure quality education, expediting educational reform and generating competent workforce for meeting the demands of society and in response to developmental needs. . It also organizes and participates in national and international seminars, symposia, and conferences for the development of education and improving the quality of life, in addition to dynamic social, consultative and training role.

The college’s department of Educational Administration &planning effectively prepares the needed human source for diverse fields of education, especially administrative, supervision and planning needs through 7 courses provided by 11 faculty members. The courses are developed in line with the latest international developments in the field of educational administration, and education in the state of Kuwait, and offered to Kuwait university students In addition, it offers special training programs in educational administration and leadership in school administration, in co-operation with the office of the vice dean for research, consultation training, and the Ministry of Education training center. The department offers courses in the field of educational administration and contributes in preparing undergraduate and diploma students. A Master’s program in educational administration is also available.
The department of curricula& teaching methods offers various services through the educational technology center and student teaching centre, and specialized training programs are provided through the office of consultation and training. The department has 57 faculty members and offers 45 courses to students teachers and supervisors in seven elementary, intermediate and secondary schools beside kindergarten, and provides specialists for educational consultation in the areas of curriculum and instruction. A Master’s degree program is also offered to prepare qualified cadres for curriculum, methods of performance, and educational technology. The department has a well developed and equipped educational technology centre with educational tools, audiovisual resources, and educational computer labs.
The department of educational psychology serves wide ranging clients through its counseling unit, offering training programs and lectures at various middle and high school in Kuwait. .The department also offers 16 courses for vocational preparation of teachers to develop skills and competencies essential for pursuing teaching as a career provided by 21 faculty members a diploma is also offered in educational counseling for educational and psychological counselors. Besides a diploma in marital and family counseling. The department provides a Master’s degree in school psychological counseling to prepare psychology for school and public institutions.
The department of foundations of education offers 9 courses in the philosophical, social and historical foundations of education for the purpose of disseminating comprehensive knowledge about educational theories the courses is provided by 14 faculty members. A postgraduate program in the foundations of education is also offered.

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