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This college of sharia'a and islamic studies was fonded in 1402 A.H, 1981 A.D., and opened to student in 140/03, 1982/83 A.D. The college seeks to promote academic research in Islamic law (Sharia'a) and independent judgment (ijtihad) in jurisprudence (figh), to graduate specialists in sharia'a and Islamic studies to meet the academic and employment requirements of the country and society as a whole, and to advance Islamic academic progress in a rational, effective and convincing way.
The curriculum of the college is divided into several branches of specialization in the science of sharia'a. For the purpose of such specialization, studies are pursued in two phases.
Thus the total number of credit hours required to graduate from the college of sharia'a and islamic studies is 131. The college also offers some university required courses such as Islamic culture. Islamic doctrine, and introduction to Islamic jurisprudence and a wide choice of minor courses of students from other colleges thereby enabling students to become acquainted with many branches of Islamic.
The college is currently preparing a laboratory to monitor the memorization recitation and correct reading (tajweed) of the Holy Quran to help the student absorb and correctly recite God's Book

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